Virtual Teams are formed when people work together on achieving common goals even though they may be working in locations that are geographically apart. Project Management Training ensures that the project manager can handle both real-time and virtual teams.

The virtual teams communicate with each other by using technologies such as social media , e-mails, video conferencing, and other internet-oriented technologies.

Geographically dispersed teams can be spread across the world. One team maybe in USA, another team may be in Germany, and another team, may be in France. As the teams work in different geographical locations, for one team it may be daytime working hours and for another team it may be night time.

Virtual team is a boon for people who have mobility problems or have disability challenges. Sometimes, when the company could not afford to travel across multiple locations, the projects could not be executed and therefore stalled. However, having virtual teams solves this problem because the project can be executed from any location across the world. There are no travel costs involved.

In person, physical meetings can be organized at the start of the project to familiarize the project team members and give a push to the project. These meetings can be repeated on a quarterly and half-yearly basis also.

Moreover, try to conduct meetings that are suitable for people in one time zone per meeting. In the next meeting, conduct a meeting that suits the time zone of an employee in another virtual zone. Like that people in different time zones are given equal opportunity and flexibility. Speak in a language that is understood by all team members. A project manager with a Project Manager Certification can effectively handle virtual teams.

The team leader must really be available at all times. The virtual employee must be able to share professional and social concerns with the team leader. The team members can share professional and personal details about their background and experience. This creates more bonding after the interactions.

A virtual water cooler atmosphere can be created. Virtual team building games can be deployed. A virtual dashboard for deliverables can be maintained. Everyone can look at these deliverables charts and measure where they stand in fulfilling tasks.

Even though virtual teams have a lot of advantages, there are few disadvantages too. Misunderstandings may arise and some members may feel isolated. Knowledge sharing may be difficult. The cost of communication technology that is needed for virtual teams may be very high. Every meeting in a virtual environment has to be well planned. Culture clashes must be avoided. A project manager has to see how he or she can gain from the advantages rather than focus on the disadvantages. Do you ever feel like you know just enough about Golf Gadgets to be dangerous? Let's see if we can fill in some of the gaps with the latest info from Golf Gadgets experts.

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