The online games of today offer a wonderful leisure time activity to the gamers all around the world. As the free games world evolves you can find games in various forms Online (web browser games) games Drazen Petrovic Jersey , that mainly made using Flash, Shockwave, Unity or Java platforms, Pc games (also called downloadable games) and MMORPG games, that are considered to be online also.

The main idea of most game is achieving a target or a score by testing one s skill.

There are many categories of games including Shooting, action, strategy, dress up and many more, also you can find sub categories that been developed from the larger categories, like tower defense games, sniper games, zombie games and others.

Most games award us with a feeling of being challenged in many various ways, some offer conquering lands, others offer sport events and some even challenge us with interesting puzzles.

As we examine the free download games niche we discover an interesting world of its own.

Downloadable games offer a real 3D experience and tend to feature better graphics and longer game play options, as they usually come in bigger file sizes (some even weigh 100MB and more).

As you search for your favorite game, don t forget assessing the cons and pros of each game. If you re pleasure is better graphics and game play try to download free games, if casual fun is your cup of tea you might try free online games and if adventures is you fun you can also go for the widely available mmorpg games, if you have a need internet games will supply it.

As we continue assessing the situation, we come to the conclusion that the wide variety of game niches, categories and forms award the casual player with an amazing gaming possibility, most of it totally free, a feature that wasn t available not very long ago.

The business of the free online games, that started as a hobby for most site owners became a multi million dollar business, a fact that added big time players to the equation and today players like CBS, Yahoo, MSN and many more, are investing time and money in the online games business.

As we drill down, we can also see that the flash games themselves improved as the years go by, while older games showed low level graphics and features, today s games display high end graphics and almost 3D abilities.

Another interesting feature of free online games is the fact they approach varied ages and sectors including grownups that enjoy brain teaser games and classic games like Tetris, Arkanoid and also younger kids that usually enjoy action and shooting games.

So, after learning the facts of free online games world you can clearly see you have many options and games to explore, you can either play a game on your browser, download games to your PC and even embark on wild quests and adventures in the free MMORPG games world, it doesn t matter how you prefer to do it, as long you try and enjoy the versatility of the internet games of today.

JOHANNESBURG, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- South Africa is still not safe from junk status or recession despite recording a 3.3 percent increase in its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the second quarter of 2016, an economist said on Wednesday.

Richard Downing, chief economist with the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI), told Xinhua that the growth was above expectations but conclusions could not be drawn from quarterly figures.

The 3.3-percent quarter-on-quarter growth was above the 2.7 percent that had been expected by most economists.

Downing said, "We are still not out of the woods, but still there in the grass and it's not clear where we are going to. We cannot make conclusions basing on quarterly figures but needs a longer period. The SA Reserve Bank (SARB) said we will have no growth this year but we might get slight growth at the end of the year."

Statistics South Africa announced on Tuesday that the growth was mainly driven by mining and quarrying and manufacturing sectors. This was the first time since the last quarter of 2014 that the GDP has grown by more than two percent. The year on year growth in the second quarter of 2016 is 0.6 percent. The GDP have grown by 0.3 percent for the first six months of this year.

Downing said South Africa needs to increase investment and achieve more economic growth.

"We need to increase the investment levels to achieve a growth rate. The public sector is supposed to ensure that the environment is suitable for growth by providing infrastructure. They have to enhance the social, political and economic growth. The private sector has to provide investment and move the economy forward, create employment and increase the tax base," he said.

South Africa's business confidence is low and there is a need for the Treasury and SARB to work on that, Downing said.

The public spat between the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and the country's elite police, the Hawks, is not good for the country, he said.

There have been fears that Gordhan might be arrested by the Hawks for some alleged misdeeds committed when he was in charge of the country's tax authority, the South African Revenue Service.

Downing said, "The Treasury is a sensitive area as it plays an important role in the country. The same as the SARB. There should not be uncertainty in these areas. There have to be stability to support growth."

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