MADRID, Sept. 1 (Xinhua) -- Spain's car sales rose by 14.6 percent in August when compared with the same month of a year earlier, according to data released on Thursday by organizations of the sector.

The Association of Car Manufacturers (ANFAC), the Federation of Association of Dealers of the Automotive sector (FACONAUTO) and the Association of Car Dealers (GANVAM) said purchases reached 64,089.

Companies bought 19,772 cars in August, which meant 15.8 percent more than that in August 2015, individuals made 41,774 purchases which meant a 12.5 percent increase and renting companies bought 2,543, a rise of 48.2 percent.

In the first eight months of the year, purchases reached 794,629 which meant a 11.3 percent increase when compared with the same period of a year earlier.

David Barrientos, director of communication at ANFAC said August data was the best for the month since 2007, while Juan Antonio Sanchez Torres, president of GANVAM, said that the sector was reflecting an improvement at the macroeconomic level.

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