Jiang Wen as Wang Qiming in A Native of Beijing in New York Photo: IC
"If you love someone Womens Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Pink On Sale , send him to New York, because it's heaven; if you hate someone, send him to New York, because it's hell."

Twenty years ago, the TV drama A Native of Beijing in New York helped quenched the thirst of many Chinese people yearning for a place to pursue their "American Dream." While showing how easy it was to earn money in affluent American society struck a sharp contrast with the situation in China then, the TV drama also uncovered the cruelty and sadness behind the so-called "success" of many Chinese immigrants to the US.

Adapted from the popular novel of the same name Wholesale Mens Mizuno Wave Rider 17 Blue Yellow , this well-loved TV series swept various awards shows that year (1994). During a time when immigration to the US had already become a trend, many people in China learned about life in the US through this show.

Now, two decades later, although information about different places in the world is very easy to obtain, it seems that there are a lot of rich Chinese people crazy about settling abroad despite having little knowledge of the place they are yearning for. Meanwhile, on the other hand Mens Mizuno Wave Prophecy 5 Black On Sale , those early emigrants who left the country in the 1980s-90s are anxious to come back.

"I told them the US isn't like what they have imagined, but those rich people wouldn't listen," said Cao Guilin, the author of the original novel A Native of Beijing in New York.

With the recent publication of his latest book, The New Yorkers in Beijing, Cao hopes to give domestic readers a picture of the current real lives of those early emigrants to the US Mens Mizuno Wave Prophecy 5 Blue Outlet , only this time from a deeper and more long-term perspective.

Odd contradictions

Having lived in the US for over 30 years and now a naturalized citizen of the country, Cao and his wife are now considering coming back to China.

"My wife even gave up her job as a tenured professor at the University of California," said Cao. However, returning isn't that easy, "We don't have enough money," he told the Global Times.

While media reports can often be seen talking about how some Chinese have "given up their highly-paid jobs overseas so they could return home to China Mens Mizuno Wave Prophecy 5 Red Online ," in Cao's opinion most of these returnees haven't been as successful overseas as people might think.

"For many of us, we want to return but can't afford it. What kind of apartment can you buy in cities like Beijing and Shanghai with only $400,000 in hand?"

As an older generation of emigrants are anxious to return home, there are many within China that are still avid about heading to the world outside. While renewing his passport not so long ago at the US Embassy in Beijing, Cao was surprised at how crowded it was.

"After so many years, why are there still so many people who want to live overseas?"

Every time Cao would come back on his regular trips to Beijing Discount Womens Mizuno Wave Prophecy 5 Purple , he would hear the same questions or complaints all the time: "How can I send my child to study in the US?" "What's the latest immigration policy in the US?" or "The environment and food in China is so bad!"

"I told them life in America isn't like what they think and that living here (in China) is actually much better, but they won't listen," Cao told the Global Times.

The death of a dream

While he felt a bit sad about his domestic friends' persistence and disbelief, the final straw that made him finally sit down and begin writing about the real situation of seemingly successful overseas Chinese was the death of one of his close friends, a history professor at an American university.

"He called me at midnight to smugly tell me that he finally bought discounted tickets to Hawaii, where he and his wife were going to spend their honeymoon. Later Cheap Womens Mizuno Wave Prophecy 5 Black , my friend died in a car accident while heading to the airport," said Cao.

In Cao's eyes, his friend gave his life to save $200. "We live in the same community in the US, he has a doctor's degree and tenure," Cao added.

Living in a college town where his wife worked as a professor, Cao meets lots of highly-educated Chinese Nike Huarache Triple Black Sale , most of them having left China in the early 1980s and then stayed as professors. Although viewed as intellectual elites in many people's eyes, these professors are not as wealthy as people think.

"Despite being well-paid, US tax policies mean their financial situation isn't great. Eating in a restaurant is a luxury for them," said Cao.

Writing these stories in his new book, the author tries to reveal the real and cruel side of life in the US that differs from media reports and fancily depicted scenes in films. While the film Finding Mr. Right was very popular last year, especially among young female audiences Nike Huarache Triple White Sale , the reality of meeting one's Mr. Right in the US is not so romantic.

Having witnessed many women choosing or being forced to give birth in the US (the heroine in Finding Mr. Right is originally heading to the US to give birth for a married man in China), Cao feels their situation is actually really sad. "Turning something like that into a comedy is a little too ridiculous," he said.

"Also if you believe American Dreams in China (another highly popular film last year), you are stupid, those types of heroes in the film won't win in reality, but those Wall Street dealers will Nike Huarache Ultra SE Sale ," he added.

Rooted in the culture

Continuing the life of the main character from his book A Native of Beijing in New York, Wang Qiming, a name made familiar to numerous people in China through the portrayal of famous actor Jiang Wen, in The New Yorkers in Beijing the author has Wang return to Beijing as a New Yorker and try to stand up again in China after having gone bankrupt in the US.

Observing the life of overseas Chinese and their return home over the years, Cao attributes Chinese people's complicated feelings towards and struggles between the two cities to Chinese culture.

"Those C

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