Paarl originated from Parel Authentic Braden Smith Jersey , which in Dutch means Pearl is a city with 191,015 citizens in South Africa in the Western Cape Province. It is the 3rd ancient city and European community in the Republic of South Africa and the biggest city in the Cape Winelands. It is located around 60 kilometres in the Western Cape Province in northeast of Cape Town and is well-known for its unforgettable picturesque beauty and hidden viticulture and fruit cultivating legacy.

In South Africa Paarl is rare since the name of the location is stated in a different way in Afrikaans and English. A rare feature of the name of the city is that Afrikaners normally connect the specific article to it: rather than in Paarl individuals say in die Paarl.

The region is mostly renowned for its "Paarl Rock" or Pearl Mountain. This giant sandstone rock is shaped by 3 curved outcrops which structure Paarl Mountain and has been evaluated in magnificence to Uluru. Like many cities in the Cape Winelands, Paarl is home to a wealthy group of people, with numerous attractive and well maintained Cape Dutch homes, lovely gardens and roads lined with ancient oak trees.

The cover girl for this year's publication of the well-liked In Paarl Magazine 2016 is the gorgeous Hanneke van der Merwe. This energetic tutor at Girls High was selected as "Bride of the Year 2015" by the Paarl News and what a charming lady she developed into. The photo shooting was carried out just outside of Paarl at the popular Santé Hotel and Spa. Hanneke is absolutely stunning.

The "In Paarl Magazine" 2015 edition was distributed and received with immense interest by the people. Start of January 2015 will do another distribution run.
in Paarl Magazine is one of its kind in Paarl full-colour sleek magazine being the only one. Full of with exciting articles and featuring a stunning design and lay-out, it is the magazine which confines the spirit of this unique and lovely Boland city.

Carla Burger was the cover page woman for the In Paarl Magazine 2015. The gorgeous Lillian Jonker enhances their cover page. Free online version is also available on their website. They have started promotion of the magazine in June for publish in December later this year. The Paarl Magazine is circulated in Paarl at 45 points and of course, the magazine is free! Book your ad space now by contacting Mark Hurter - Editor.
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