Back in the days of the wild child and the hippies or the 70?s to be more specific Armani Watts Hat , black tights were all the rage.

Nowadays, fashionistas have adopted this age-old style and have been seen clad in black tights of sorts.

Black tights are seen in various forms; capris, skinny black tights, semi-loose black tights and there are those that can be tied up in the end to lengthen or shorten their black tights.

Though many designs of black tights have crawled their way out of retail stores or brand named couture designers, this never dying phase has gone from era to era making a name for itself.

So what do women see in black tights?

First of all is its color, black tights are well?black. Black is known to slim down the body because of its dark color. Women wear it to hide flaws or to simply rid themselves of their boring old jeans.

Second reason is flexibility. Women do a lot of things; chores, errands, shopping, walking. Black tights give the comfort of wearing something without the feel of anything. Because black tights are so light, one can hardly feel them unless they look in a mirror and see their reflection.

Third, for pregnant women, black tights scream ?Awesome!? without much pull on the baby budget. Black tights go with almost anything; maternity dresses or even a cute oversized tee to cover your baby bump. Black tights even help support your tummy and it is so comfortable to walk in.

Fourth reason is what most women want. Fashion. Women have jumped from one style to another to keep up with the trend and the fads. Black tights were seen in the runways last 2006 and till now it is still making a name for itself. Is your favorite pair of jeans wearing you down? Black tights give you the same comfort with added flair to spice up your wardrobe. How about that pretty mini-dress you bought at the flea market, but is too short for your conservative self. Black tights give your legs enough cover so you can sport any short dresses without having to worry all day about strangers seeing your undies.

In addition, black tights can be paired with almost everything; from your short dress, to your mini skirt, even with your shorts. Black tights are so convenient even your skirt suit can be matched with your black tights. Office work need not be boring with your new addition to your wardrobe.

Black tights can even be worn formally. If you?re a party girl and you don?t have enough budget to buy a new dress, simply pick one of your favorite night-out dress preferably in a jewel tone and combine it with your black tights and voila! A perfectly put together outfit without much effort.

Shoe lovers need not fret as black tights go with any type. Open toed shoes paired with black tights is not considered a fashion faux pas anymore. Whether you fancy flats, wedges, stilettos or sandals, your black tights will surely raise the bar for your fashion needs.

Wear it proud, wear it loud. You can never go wrong with your trusty black tights.
The location for every wedding is a big decision to make for almost all engaged couples. Choosing a wedding location can sometimes be arduous especially when there are so many questions or options that come into mind. When examining the venue choices for every wedding, it is important to utilize a guide that will help couples search for the perfect wedding ceremony and reception spot. The Minneapolis wedding location planner will help you get through with this aspect of the wedding preparation.

When determining what type of place or location for the wedding, it is important to know how many guests you will be inviting. The estimate of the couple about how many guests will they expect to attend the gathering is very important. Try to have a draft of the guest list for your wedding as this will be the initial process in deciding for the best location for either your wedding reception or ceremony or both. In a wedding in Minneapolis, it is significant for the couples to figure out whether most of their guests would come from cities or from faraway states. If most of your guests are located from other states and your wedding is in another country, this could mean that your major guests could not make it to the gathering. Destination weddings only work if the bride and groom invite only the close relatives and friends since some guests will not be able to travel abroad and stay there for long periods. It is very crucial for the couple to decide for the location that is accessible for most of their guests.

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