There is one critical factor in relation to your discus fish and it is picking the excellent discus tank mates. Discus are quite sociable fish and they like to hang out with others and explore the aquarium. They are pleased when they have at least 6 other discus tank mates. Discus fish habitat is from the Amazon River Basins and also the water there’s calm Wholesale Inter Milan FC Jerseys , soft and warm. Your aquarium ought to have the identical habitat as to what your discus fish are employed to. Discus fish are absolutely incredible fish to watch. There colors are so stunning and some men and women just like keeping them in a tank by themselves.

Are you deciding on discus tank mates?

Should you choose to add discus tank mates, you have to ensure that your discus tank mates aren’t going to create them unhappy and anxiety them out. I will likely be revealing what are the excellent discus tank mates for your aquarium and which ones to stay away from.

Selecting the right discus tank mates

Tetras are good discus tank mates. There are lots of species of Tetra’s but the one’s that may fit in well with discus fish are Cardinal Cheap Inter Milan FC Jerseys , Lamp Eye and Rosy Tetras. I would not go with significant Tetras because they can intimidate your discus fish.

Cory Cat (Corydoras) are best discus tank mates. They spend their time on the bottom of the tank seeking food. A lot of people refer to them as bottom feeders. They also aid with keeping the tank clean. They feed off the bottom and will eat food left behind from the discus. One dilemma with keeping the tank clean is getting in between the plants and gravel and Cory Cat’s enable you to out in that department.

Some other good discus tank mate are Dwarf Cichlids and Characins.

Discus Tank Mates to avoid

Some of the reasons why you have to pick the excellent discus tank mates is because they are slow eaters and they will not run to their food. Most of time discus fish food will fall to the bottom and they are going to search the bottom for food. It you’ve got aggressive fish in the tank, they will eat the food and your discus will starve. You in no way need to put large fish in together with your discus simply because it can wind up stressed.

Discus are a species of cichlids fish. You can find over 1 Wholesale Inter Milan Jerseys ,500 diverse varieties of cichlids. A lot of people believe that they could be the excellent discus tank mates because of that. That assumption is incorrect. Some cichlids are really aggressive and need to not be inside the tank with discus. Some common aggressive cichlids are the African cichlids, Oscars and Angelfish. They really should not be location in your discus aquarium.

Discus fish moves slow and graceful by means of the aquarium. They are very shy and in case you put fish inside the tank that moves to fast Cheap Inter Milan Jerseys , it can intimidate the fish. Some examples of rapidly moving fish are Danios, barbs and Rasboras. These fish are also known to nip fish fins and this can harm your fish.

Picking the Perfect Discus Tank Mates is very important. If you pick the wrong mates your discus fish will suffer. For more information on the perfect discus tank mates and discus care; visit: Discus Care.

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