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Posted by emily3 in Home on September 9th Wholesale Florida Panthers Jersey , 2018

When we furnish or decorate a house, we often have a particular theme in mind. If we particularly like timber flooring, then a home and kitchen theme may be the most suitable. You may choose from the natural woods like birch, cedar or pine, which age wonderfully.

Nowadays Wholesale Edmonton Oilers Jersey , more and more people prefer oak or reclaimed boards because of its very natural and realistic appearance. Any kind of timber flooring will actually do, you can never go wrong with timber if you are going for a kitchen and home theme.

Timber Floors to Home Theme Decorating

However, it is still wise to check out the actual boards before you make a purchase so that you can also envision and plan the furnishing and paint that go with it. If you are placing it in your dining along with cooking stuff, either coffee making machine or cooker, you need to match with them also.

There are numerous wood stains that you can apply as finish not only as a way to beautify your boards but more importantly Wholesale Detroit Red Wings Jersey , protect them.

Choosing color in paint and fabrics

Earthy colors like brown, ochre, red, yellow or even black can be chosen for your paint and fabrics. Darker hues will match perfectly with pale timber floors or the other way around, pale furniture with oak or dark-colored boards Wholesale Dallas Stars Jersey , making a beautiful contrast.

For some people, earthy colors seem rather dull and plain while others see nature’s beauty and life in them. It is really up to you and your particular taste. For your pillows and cushions, you could use vibrant colors like yellow and oranges similar to the setting sun, beautiful patterns of leaves intertwining, or the showering colors of flowers.

Placing family photos according to the home theme

As a final touch Wholesale Columbus Blue Jackets Jersey , you could place family photos on the mantelshelf or any kind of object that matches your cottage or home theme. For sure, your home décor will be very inviting, where your guests could easily feel at home.

As for your furniture, there are really no restrictions. Some people think that timber floors are very hard to maintain and keep since they could be easily scratched. With a good choice of timber boards, you can enjoy your timber flooring with no hassle.

There are now very easy to install rubber soles for furniture legs so that it will not scratch nor screech when you move them. You can complement your beautiful timber floor with an equally rustic furnishing like a wooden sofa with soft cushions.

Old wooden pieces for the home theme

Old-fashioned wooden pieces will make a wonderful setting for your overall home theme. You can redecorate them to give them a more vibrant look. There are many home and kitchen theme homes that beautifully combined the old and the new. In rustic homes Wholesale Colorado Avalanche Jersey , a few modern pieces across the room make attractive accents.

Improving with rich timber floors

Samples of accessories to match your rich timber floors are those made from natural materials like a wooden bowl, galvanized tin pots or old jars. Improving them using self-hand and tools are the things that can be different.

The list is numerous. You do not need to have an eye for interior decorating to spot what is natural from what is not, although a careful and good choice makes all the difference.

Last few words

Just choose ones that are handmade for these are wonderful add-ons to your interior decorating. At any rate, your timber flooring is already a big draw since your floors make up most of your house and your furnishings use it as a good background. The timber floors themselves make up one beautiful piece that decorating the room seems like child’s play.

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