It is not easy to define qualitative research methods without resorting to the rather tautological assertion that they are methods that are not quantitative. The definition is as least as much about defining what the methods are for Cheap Chukwuma Okorafor Jersey , as defining them per se. Therefore, qualitative research methods is that they are methods of collection, analysis and interpretation of data on phenomena that are not easily reduced to numbers or that might be destroyed by any attempt to do so.

Quantitative Data

A quantitative approach is one in which the investigator primarily uses post positivism claims for developing knowledge (i.e., cause and effect thinking, reduction to specific variables and hypotheses and questions, use of measurement and observation, and the test of theories), employs strategies of inquiry such as experiments and surveys, and collects data on predetermined instruments that yield statistical data. An example of a quantitative market research approach is to measure online shopping behavior with the use of website shopping carts:

- General Cause

Usually the internet shoppers place lots of items in their shopping cart but they never used to complete their purchase and the others are used to buy items those who do not hold any items when they are not in a mind to buy. It depends on purchasing behavior of internet shoppers.

- Specific Effect

Shoppers who purchase through online, to place items in their shopping carts but not complete the purchases are 75% are most likely to return to the website and finish a purchase within a week.

- Research Finding

When a consumer leaves a website without complete their purchase is a good business for a website, and means a probability of purchase will be done in future.

Hypothesis - An Assumption

A statistical hypothesis is an assumption about an unknown population parameter. Hypothesis testing is a well-defined procedure which helps us to decide objectively whether to accept or reject the hypothesis based on the information available from the sample. Hypothesis testing starts with an assumption termed as “hypothesis” that a researcher makes about a population parameter.

Qualitative Research Help To Find

A qualitative approach is one in which the inquirer often makes knowledge claims based primarily on constructivist perspectives or advocacyparticipatory perspectives or both. It also uses strategies of inquiry such as narratives, phenomenology, ethnography, grounded theory studies, or case studies. The researcher collects open-ended, emerging data with the primary intent of developing themes from the data.

- General research field notes
Researcher collect all ideas with the collecting data like, online consumers using shopping carts as a trial rooms in shops, leaving items to be a part of shopping experience.

- Website user observation
Researcher used to observe the shoppers who are engaged in online shopping and report or comment about their shopping thoughts.

- Specific consumer interviews
Shoppers should convey the reason for not complete their online purchases which are placed on shopping cart.

- Research conclusion
For leaving items in shopping car also showing consumer shopping behaviour with an online store. This also tends the consumer to be back to the cart for many times and it will be an opportunities for website to make a consumer to purchase.

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