Hunting for schools nowadays may have become easier but in actual it has become more confusing due to the variety of available options. Parents’ find it difficult to find the most suitable school for their kid. There are a dozen of valuable schools in the locality of Pitampura .If you are looking for a good world school affiliated with CBSE or ICSE Board then you could actually choose the city of Pitampura as there are a number of considerable schools.

These world class schools are primarily made for a world level teaching and learning. Here the students are taught the values of having a good and innovative education Authentic Mason Cole Jersey , how work in team and yet how to be self sufficient and self dependent. These schools give special stress on developing a strong and transparent teacher-student bond as this will help the teachers to understand their students more properly so that they could work on the students’weaknesses. A better and diverse curriculum is also needed for the students’ mental and psychological growth.

Some of the best schools of Pitampura are given below.

» Genie’s World Play School: This is an English medium Play school. The school has a world class infrastructure, designed especially for kids. The school has a colorful environment with every possible facility available. The school has also constructed an audio-visual room for the kids, in addition to that school has all the rooms are air conditioned and it also has a toy room with different colorful toys for the kids. Location-CP Block, Behind Rath Wala Mandir, Pitampura.

» Kiit World School-Pitampura: Zone H-4 Pitampura.

» Pukie Pie A Pre School-Pitampura: this nursery school is an English medium school which is CBSE affiliated. This is a coeducational school with stress free environment for kids.

» Rising Star Academy: It is a CBSE affiliated English medium school with classes starting from nursery till twelfth grade.

» P.P International School: The school has envisioned of providing quality education to its students. The school is CBSE affiliated and of International level. The classes are highly spacious and air conditioned. The medium of education in this international school is English.

» Idhanta the Play School: This play school for small kids is CBSE certified and has a good reputation of being one of the good schools of Pitampura.Location-217, Harsh Vihar, Pitampura.

» M.M Public School: This public school is run by Mohanlal Memorial Education Trust and it is affiliated with CBSE Board. The school has student friendly environment and it also has a dedicated faculty team. Location-Vasudha Enclave, Pitampura.

» Darbari Lal DAV Model School: Location-ND Block, Pitampura.This English medium school is CBSE affiliated.

» Cresent Public School: Location-Saraswati Vihar,Pitampura.This public school is facilitated with all needed amenities and has a world class infrastructure. The school curriculum is flexible and comprehensive which helps the students’ to learn more and have less burden to study.

Whatever they might or might not say, Kit knew what the people at the Kremlin were doing: upgrading their security as fast as they could. Toni Gallo would be there already, tightening up procedures, checking alarms and cameras, briefing the security guards. It was the worst possible news for Kit. He was enraged. "Why do I have such bad luck?" he said aloud.
"Be that as it may," said Carl Osborne, "Michael Ross appears to have died for love of a hamster named Fluffy." His tone was so tragic that Kit half expected the reporter to wipe a tear from his eye, but Osborne stopped short of that.
The studio anchor, an attractive blonde with carved hair, now said, "Carl, has Oxenford Medical made any comment at all on this extraordinary incident?"
"Yes." Carl looked at a notebook. "They say they are saddened and distressed by the death of Michael Ross, but the indications are that nobody else will be affected by the virus. Nevertheless, they would like to speak to anyone who has seen Ross in the past sixteen days."
"Presumably, people who have been in contact with him may have picked up the virus."
"Yes, and perhaps infected others. So the company’s statement that no one else is affected seems more like a pious hope than a scientific prediction."
"A very worrying story," the anchor said to camera. "Carl Osborne with that report. And now football."
In a fury, Kit stabbed at the remote control, trying to turn oil the television, but he was too agitated, and kept pressing the wrong buttons. In the end he grabbed the TV cable and yanked the plug out of its socket. He was tempted to throw the set through the window. This was a catastrophe.
Osborne’s doomsday forecast about the virus spreading might not be true, but the one sure consequence was that security at the Kremlin would be watertight. Tonight was the worst possible time to try to rob the place. Kit would have to call it off. He was a gambler: if he had a good hand, he was willing to bet the farm, but he knew that when the cards were against him it was best to fold.
At least I won’t have to spend Christmas with my father, he thought sourly.

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