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Are Coupe menstruelle 茅conomique worth the use? Health Articles | December 4, 2015

Today many women are moving towards using reusable menstrual cups rather than sanitary napkins and tampons, because the reused cups are economic also there are lot of other benefits regarding using these coupe menstruelle cups. The article give the detail knowledge about it.

There are a lot of women who have started using this eco-friendly substitute to tampons as well as pads. But do you know what does the cup menstruelle actually mean?

Do you know its work process?

The flexible and small cups are made of silicone or even latex rubber. Before taking buying decision it is important for you to check the material. The main reason behind this is that there are many people allergic to latex rubber. The main difference of tampons and pads to menstrual cups is that it collects the fluid in it and does not absorb it. Along with absorbing the fluid the tampons and pads even absorb the vaginal moisture and this is something that can prove to be harmful for the vaginal area.

Without using applicator try to insert menstrual cup before menstruation cycle begins. When used rightly, you should not feel it. It is similar to putting a birth control in the right place.

Your coupelle menstruelle will open and the rest against walls of vagina. This forms a seal to put a stop to leaks. Blood will slowly get dripped into the cup menstruelle.

A few kinds are those that are disposable but most of them are reusable. In order to remove it, you pull out the stem sticking to the bottom and then pinch base in order to release the seal. Once you remove the cup just spill the fluid out and clean the cup using soap and water. When your cycle ends, sterilize the cup.

Just like other products for your menstruation cycle, you can purchase them on the web or even at the drugstores.

What are benefits of using coupe menstruelle 茅conomiques?

Such cups are eco-friendly and suitable to your pocket needs:

A reusable cup costs around $30-$40 and can last for a decade. Save money and save environment with such cups. These benefits are not applicable in case you buy disposable menstrual cups.

You can wear it for 10 hours:

Tampons should be changed every 5 to 7 hours, based on the flow. For overnight protection, such cups are considered to be the best. After you are used to it then there is no need for you to wear a backup liner or pad.

Hold more fluid:

A coupe menstruelle 茅conomique can hold 1 ounce of menstrual fluid, roughly twice amount of a pad and tampon.

Have sex without any trouble:

Most of the silicone as well as rubber menstrual cups need to be removed before having sex. But on the other hand disposable cups are designed keeping in mind maintaining physical relations.

There is less fluid odor:

When exposed to air, your menstrual fluid may smell. But the coupe menstruelle fran莽aise forms airtight seal.

Safely use it:

There is lesser risk of toxic shock syndrome and so professionals advice to make use of coupe menstruelle 茅conomiques.

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