RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- Serbia defeated second-ranked Australia 73-71 here on Tuesday in the women's basketball quarter-finals at the Rio Olympics.

It was the first time the Australian went home without a medal since 1992. They had taken three silvers and two bronze medals from the last five Olympics.

Ana Dabovic led Serbia with 24 points. Australia's Liz Cambage scored a game-high 29 points and collected 11 rebounds.

In the final quarter, the leads were exchanged several times. Ana Dabovic hit only one foul shot with 10 seconds remaining, giving Serbia a 73-71 lead, but Marianna Tolo's last attempt shot for Australia bounced off the rim.

Anna Cruz's runner beat the buzzer as Spain advanced to the semifinals by eliminating Turkey on 64-62.

Cruz finished with 14 points. Sanders led Turkey with 22 points.

Turkey's Lara Sanders made a game-tying layup at 62 with four seconds left before Cruz fired off a running 20-foot jumper to clinch the victory for Spain.

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Home > Stay at Home DadsGet Rid Of Office Politics with Medical Coding and Billing Jobs from Home

Posted by heaemployment in Home on February 11th, 2015

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About the Author

S. Marie Surles is the President and Owner of HEA Employment. She started Hea-employment in 1997 to help people find legitimate work at home jobs and start successful home businesses. Thousands of job seekers and employers have been helped directly and indirectly by the services and products provided on HEA-Employment since the company was founded.

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