VILNIUS, April 21 (Xinhua) -- Lithuania presented new visual branding on Thursday, designed for celebrations of the 100th anniversary since the establishment of a sovereign State of Lithuania.

The Baltic state will mark this date on Feb. 16, 2018.

Advertising agency New introduced a new logo for Lithuania as part of new visual branding, including a resigned official website

"We were trying to make it simple and easy to understand; the new logo is easy to use, moreover, everyone to start with institutions to individual persons can use it for free," Tomas Ramanauskas, creative director of the agency said in an interview with local broadcaster

The concept behind the branding embodies three principal values of the Lithuanian people: innovation, sharing and responsibility, the official state's website explains. Based on these principal values, a slogan for celebration was created: Inspired by the Future.

Dozens of the most interesting and important facts about society, policy, nature and climate, tourism, sports and other areas are presented on the website. Visitors can find useful information about traveling, working, studying or doing business in Lithuania on the web page. Enditem

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