You want to ensure that your children are only able to view websites to which you specifically grant them access. You are configuring Parental Controls to accomplish this. What should you do? (Choose all that apply.) A. Set the web restriction mcitp: server administrator level to Medium.B. Edit the Allow list to include the websites you want to allow your children to visit. C. Select the Only Allow Websites Which Are on the Allow List option. D. Select the Block File Downloads option.E. Select the Block Some Websites or Content option.

You recently visited a website that automatically downloaded and installed spyware onto your computer. You want to prevent spyware from being installed in the future. You have enabled Pop-up Blocker. What else can you do to minimize your risk of downloading spyware? A. Enable Phishing Filter. B. Disable all add-ons.C. Delete your browsing history. D. Enable Protected Mode.

You share a computer with three other people. You discover that one of the other users can view the websites that you recently visited. You want to prevent the other computer users from being able to view this information. Which of the following should you do? A. Configure your user account with Administrator access. B. Set the privacy settings to High. C. Delete the browsing history. D. Delete the Temporary Internet Files folder.

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ADEN, Yemen Wholesale New York Giants Jerseys , May 11 (Xinhua) -- Former pro-secesssion governor of the southern port city of Aden Major General Aidarous Zubaidi announced in a televised speech on Thursday the formation of a transitional political council to govern the southern Yemeni provinces.

The announcement comes weeks after dismissing the UAE-backed governor of Aden along with the State Minister Hani Bin Buraik from their posts in a presidential decree issued by Yemen's President Abdu-Rabbu Mansour Hadi on April 27.

The decree issued by Hadi caused public anger and strong resentment among southern Yemenis and led to huge pro-independence demonstrations in Aden and neighboring provinces.

The pro-secesssion transitional council declared by Aden's ex-governor in Aden, consists of 26 southern members mainly governors, prominent secessionist figures and tribal leaders.

An aide close to Aidarous Zubaidi who is the President of the southern political council told Xinhua by phone saying that ""more steps will come after today's declaration and the members will represent southern Yemen internally and externally.""

The sacked State Minister who had strong links with the UAE Wholesale New Orleans Saints Jerseys , governor of oil-rich southeastern province of Hadramout and four other southern governors are members of the council that would govern the south.

Tens of thousands of southern people demonstrated last week in Aden and showed support for both sacked officials Al-Zubaidi and Bin-Buraik who are considered as key leading figures of the southern anti-unity movement.

The newly-declared council will continue in working with the Saudi-led coalition in fighting Iranian-backed Houthis and will establish strong partnership with the international community in fighting terrorism in the southern provinces.

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