Use and maintenance precautions for Potato slicer machine
by susie · October 25 Cheap Brock Coyle Jersey , 2018

During work, the material is put into the hopper, and the material is guided by the pouring trough on the rotating disc to rotate along the wall of the casing. The cutter mounted on the wall of the casing cuts the vegetables into strips, and the cut fries are discharged from the discharging cover. .

1 All the maintenance of the Potato slicer machine聽must be carried out with the power off; in addition, the clean and tidy cleaning of the cutting machine room has become an important prerequisite for the safe operation of the Potato slicer machine.

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2 Wash in time after each use. Ensure cleanliness and ensure no residue of ingredients or materials;

3 Cut vegetables while cutting, do not put stone or metallic substances to prevent the knife from splitting.

4 Try cutting before normal operation, observe whether the specifications and requirements of the cut vegetables are consistent, otherwise adjust or replace the height of the blade and the turntable#2# and then start the batch normal work after the adjustment is correct;

5 After using the equipment for a period of time, check if the screws in each part are loose. If it is found to be loose, tighten the screws; if the screws appear slippery, replace them with new ones.

6 When there is abnormal operation and noise#3# stop and check immediately. After troubleshooting, turn it back on.

When not using the cutter for a long time, keep it in a dry, ventilated place.

When it comes to taking care of one’s teeth#4# buying the proper dental insurance is really important. Dental insurance really comes in handy for those who are unable to deal with the increasing rates of seeing a dental practitioner. The choice to find dental insurance that’s right for people or families (with respect to the situation) becomes an important task to decide.
Whether you arepurchasingdental insurance by means of your place of business or trying to find independent alternatives, it is vital to examine a number of plans to ensure you are getting the best bargain. A number of factors listed below may come into play when creating a final choice.


When ever deciding on dental insurance, it is important to assess annual maximum coverage on a regular basis. The total amount in benefits which a plan will pay for in a single full year is among the most essential aspects to picking the most effective dental insurance plan. Annual maximums also renew on an automatic basis annually. It is also essential to understand that whatever not utilized in a year won’t roll over into the next. Several dental insurance companies only allow an average yearly max of $1000.

In the case of independent dental insurance, the majority of plans will cover your services if they are administered with a dentist which is contracted or taking part in their network. It is recommended to determine if you have to receive your dental work from a participating dentist. Some plans may allow individuals to stay with their current dentists#5# but checking the policy for these allowances is essential.

Major Coverage

Dental insurance companies separate their dental procedures into three different categories. When comparing plans, you should ask about their policies regarding preventative, major, and restorative work. Varying dental companies will view different dental procedures in many different ways. For example#6# one dentist may consider root canals and crowns a major procedure while another will not. This is important to know before choosing a dental insurance plan.

Waiting Periods

The length of time that an insurance company will make you wait before you can enjoy coverage is called the waiting period. For example, some plans keep policies which make a person wait 12 months or longer before you are covered for a crown.
Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are interested in seeing the dental practitioner for any cosmetic procedures, such as teeth whitening or bleaching, you should know dental insurance companies rarely cover cosmetic dentistry. For that few that do#7# prepare for high rates.

Learn more about insurance and the benefits of getting an insurance.

MADRID, Aug. 17 (Xinhua) -- At least 13 people were reported dead and dozens others injured following a terrorist attack in the city of Barcelona on Thursday afternoon, according to local radio.

The attack happened at around 17:00 hours local time when a man, described as slim and aged in his mid-20's drove a white van at high speed for several hundred meters onto the famous Las Ramblas#8# attempting to hit as many people as possible.

At the time of the attack, which seems to be a copy of other terrorist attacks using vehicles in cities such as London and Nice, the area was packed with people, many of them tourists.

Witnesses describe how the van was traveling at around 80 kilometers an hour with the aim of "causing as much damage as possible"#9# before fleeing the scene.

The man, who is thought to be armed then holed up in a nearby Turkish restaurant close to the famous La Boqueria market, although it is not known whether or not he has taken any hostages.

Latest reports are that authorities believe the attack was not the work of a "lone wolf" and that it was organized by at least three people. An operation is now under way and the anti-terrorism protocol has been activated.

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