HOUSTON, March 25 (Xinhua) -- More than 2.46 million fans from around the world in 2016 were welcomed through the pay gates of the annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, now in its third week of rough-riding cowboys, star-studded musical entertainment and agricultural sales and education in its current March 7-26 run.

But show and gate ticket sales are just one part of what it takes to mount the world's largest rodeo that has, since the event began in 1932, poured nearly 430 million U.S. dollars to Texas student education and scholarships, said Amber Burda, executive director of rodeo Sponsorship, Business, and Corporate Development.

"Approximately 12 percent of operating revenue is made up of qualified sponsorship payments," said Burda, who, within about two months overseeing business and corporate contributions and sponsorships, describes it as "more than a full-time job" requiring passion and energy. "In 2016 and 2017, we have over 60 official show sponsors."

Sponsors with deepest pockets include highest-bracket Heritage Partners, Reliant Energy, Ford, Coca-Cola, Miller Lite and Mattress Firm. Others range over several different levels in cash and in-trade donations, Burda said, and there are five tiers of sponsorships below Heritage Partners, including general sponsorships from the Houston-area community, rodeo partners for promotion and retail, official providers and supplies, and sponsors who underwrite specific titles, activities and events.

"We have scholarship donors, show patrons and (general) contributors that help our mission as an organization. These individuals or companies can donate cash or trade to different committees," Burda said.

Burda said there are multiple ways in which she and her staff members search for new sponsors and develop business and corporate supporters while maintaining sustaining donors and partners. An important method for this year's rodeo was to present professional cowboys and top-tier entertainers in private shows of Rodeo Houston, the trademark name of the rodeo's big stadium activities such as bull or saddle-bronc riding followed by a music concert.

"Our main focus this year was to entertain 15 to 20 potential companies in a suite, on two different nights, to enjoy Rodeo Houston and star entertainment," Burda said. "This gave my department an advantage to learn about each company and collectively brainstorm on how they could be a great fit for (the rodeo)."

Burda gave the example of the chicken restaurant franchise, Chick-fil-A, on how sponsorships have a positive impact on the rodeo's appeal to visitors.

"Chick-fil-A sponsors the rodeo music in NRG Stadium during Rodeo Houston," Burda said. "Their dancing cows partner with Leon Coffee, rodeo clown, to provide a fun and festive environment during the show."

While the rodeo gets needed revenue, Burda said, it also gets a business or corporate partner for the rodeo's education and scholarship for years to come.

"Every sponsor is extremely passionate about the success of Rodeo Houston and the scholarships that are given to the youth of Texas," Burda said. "They pride themselves in being a long-term partner with us and look forward to the show every year."

BEIJING Camiseta Giovanni Moreno Colombia , Jan. 17 (Xinhua) -- China said Wednesday that Cold War thinking would undermine joint efforts to seek a proper resolution for the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue and create a division in the international community.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang made the remarks at a routine press briefing when asked to comment on the Vancouver meeting, which calls for maximum pressure on the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to force it to end its nuclear and missile programs.

"The 20-nation gathering hosted by the United States and Canada in the name of United Nations Command apparently reflects their Cold War thinking," Lu said.

He reiterated that to convene a meeting where major parties to the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue were not included would not help in the creation of an appropriate resolution on the issue.

Lu said the main channel for handling and resolving the nuclear issue on the peninsula should still be the framework of the six-party talks and the UN Security Council.

"China has always persisted in resolving the peninsula nuke issue through dialogue and consultation," he said, reaffirming China's position on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

"The crux of the Korean Peninsula nuke issue is the security issue," Lu said. "Only through dialogue can the parties concerned address their legitimate security concerns and find an effective way to peacefully solve the issue."

"Currently, the north and the south of the Korean Peninsula have been resuming dialogues and contact," he said, calling on all parties concerned to value the recent easing in tensions and support efforts of both sides to improve relations.

"It will be counterproductive to increase the DPRK's isolation and the pressure on its government," Lu said.

The meeting, in which China's foreign minister did not participate, came as the DPRK and the Republic of Korea have resumed talks after Pyongyang decided to join the PyeongChang Winter Olympics next month.

XINING, Jan. 18 (Xinhua) -- China's first national park in the Sanjiangyuan area will open in 2020, the administration bureau said Wednesday.

The park in the southern part of northwest China's Qinghai Province was established to protect the headwaters of the Yangtze, Yellow and Lancang (Mekong) rivers.

The administration bureau of Sanjiangyuan National Park started trial operations of the park, a vast wetland and grassland area on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, two years ago.

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