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is an IT student in Zagreb University. He is through with his bachelors degree and is currently pursuing his masters degree. Born in Serbia on October 1, 1986, harbors the dream of going back to his country after finishing his studies to make a career in IT.

s family is like any other Serbian middle class family. His father is an anesthetist in a local hospital and his mother is a homemaker. The other two members of his family are his elder brother and elder sister. While the family didnt have to struggle very hard for their livelihood, they were not exactly floating on money either. Mr. had one goal in mind he wanted all his kids to settle down well in life so that they could lead a better life than what he could afford them.

His dreams gradually started blossoming his elder son passed out of college and enlisted in the army. His daughter proved to be an exceptional student and she started a professional course to become a school teacher. Only was left now but his father had no doubt that he would do well in life. Mr. always thought that was the most talented of his three children. And also showed a lot of promise during his school days. While he was never an exceptional student, he was very good with numbers. In math he was almost at the top of his class. He also picked up computers very fast and was at the top of his class in this subject too.

When the senior Mr. suggested that take up IT as a potential career, didnt say no. He always had a fascination about anything related to computers. The only issue with pursuing a career in IT was that Serbia, at that time, didnt have too many top colleges that offered IT courses. This is where Zagreb University in Croatia came into the picture. applied for an undergrad course at Zagreb University and he was selected.

Mr. and Mrs. Sinic felt immensely sad that had to leave home. But they always knew that it was for the good of the entire family. While they bid him a tearful farewell, they were extremely proud parents.

took some time to settle down in Croatia. But then he fell in love with his university and the city of Zagreb. He started slowly but soon showed a lot of potential. A lot of hard work meant that he was able to complete his bachelors degree easily. There was always this lure of starting to work now but Mr. insisted that he study more. And this is what is doing at the moment, pursuing his masters degree.

wants to come back home after finishing studies and work in a Serbian IT company. He is almost on the verge of fulfilling his dream and believes that a very successful career beckons him.

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