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The cotton surface rubber backed pattern house mats can definitely consistent with any of the home deco style. With the option of a choice of various colors, these printed mats can also be custom matched to your PMS colors. The cotton surface absorbs moisture and also removes light soiling from shoes and eco-friendly than any other materials. The grease proof backing of such patter rugs is very durable and will not crack or curl like PVC and is designed to sit flat at all times. The bonding process is permanent and will not delaminate over time.

This pattern home mats are suitable for use in medium traffic environments.

Matting Specifications
Piece Size:various
Yarn Type:Cotton Microfiber blend
Backing:100% Grease-proof Rubber (NBR)

​Our mats for residential use include entrance carpet (entry mats residential) for your front door or rear entry; anti fatigue kitchen mats and bath mats for moisture and oil absorbing, garden mats and balcony mats for the uncovering areas. Large door mats and pattern mats are great personalized mats for art-decro or your own welcome saying. There are no limits to what we can do.

The entryway is the first impression visiting guests have of your home so, laying down a good indoor-outdoor mat is not only the best way of defense against all the debris that might come from wet boots and shoes to protect your floor, its also an easy way to instantly make your foyer look organized and pulled together. Rubber flooring is perhaps the most durable shock absorbing flooring option for use in home gym. Its easier to clean and care, due to its extreme durability, rubber is often the gym flooring solution of choice for home users who lift heavy weights or have heavy cardio and weight equipment. Rismats bathroom mat absorbs moisture, prevents you from slipping on ceramics, stone and other decking, and it is perfect designed for your bathroom and shower. Our bathroom mat designs to fit your existing home decoration while providing you an extra feel of security by soaking up the maximum of water, suds and bubbles. The bathroom mat also can be machine washed up to 40℃. Moisture-control mat with super absorbent rich piles to catching splashes from the sink and grease spills from the hob are excellent to use in kitchens, dining rooms and utilities areas. It can provide you the clean and safe anti-slip floors where you can prepare the great meal for your family and can be machine washed up to 40℃.

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