Initially Jordan Phillips Dolphins Jersey , whenever someone spoke of the boots, the first picture that came into mind is of footwear that reached the knees and had to be zipped on the side but seeing ladies in the classic short boots will change your mind. These boots that barely cover the ankle of a girl look damn sexy and are available in all sorts of colors top match with different outfits though they look terrific with short skirts. However, many women prefer to wear them on their tight jeans presenting a deadly look. If anything classic short boots are today giving all other types of footwear, including the long boots a run for their money being more comfortable and stylish.

One of the biggest reasons as to why the short boots are a lady’s best friend is the fact that they are able to protect their legs especially during the harsh weather days such when snow is falling or there is rain. Despite the fact that these boots have a low heel, they have a zip and when it has been fastened, you can be sure that your feet will be protected and will remain dry. One of the greatest additions of the classic short boots is that their foot bed is made of fleece and therefore one cannot imagine their feet without these boots. These boots typically have low heels or no heels to provide a great balance. In ensuring that you will be as comfortable as possible, the toe is rounded rather than being pointed. One other fact that will surely make you consider these shoes is that their price is lower than the long boots since they will consume less material when being made. On average, you could spend as low as a hundred dollars on these boots onwards but to ensure that there is no compromise on quality and also get a wide range of colors, you should be ready to part with at least $150. In order to make sure that the boots are compatible with most ladies, the material that is used to make them is sheepskin which is natural. With an interior that is made of fleece, wearing socks is not compulsory as you will still be able to feel not only warm but also dry. This does not however mean that you can not wear socks but for most ladies, the trend is not wearing them as one still feels warm and comfortable without them.

Classic short boots are preferred in black, brown, and grey colors though you can easily find bright colored short boots also as there are ladies who use them as matching footwear according to the color of their clothing. As far as soles are concerned, most of these boots have rubber outsoles, and for those who want more traction in their boots, there are available special ones with additional layers of especially made rubber soles.

By simply using a special cleaning solution and water, you can ensure that your classic short boots will remain to be clean without any dirt or spots. In case you are caught in the rain and the boots get some mud, by simply using the cleaning solution and wiping the mud, they will be as good as new. If you are looking for luxury, comfort, and dry, warm feet in winter months, it is better to get yourself classic short boots that go well with all outfits.

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The trial of two women accused of murdering the North Korean leader's half-brother moved Monday to a high-security Malaysian laboratory to view clothing worn by the defendants and contaminated by a nerve agent.

The visit to the government lab near Kuala Lumpur came after a chemist last week testified there were traces of VX on the women's clothes.

Raja Subramaniam's testimony was the first evidence directly linking the women to the poison used to kill Kim Jong-nam as he waited at a crowded airport near the capital.

Indonesian Siti Aisyah and Vietnamese Doan Thi Huong, in their 20s, are accused of smearing VX on Kim's face in February in a hit that stunned the world.

The women, who were arrested few days after the killing, have pleaded not guilty to murdering the estranged half-brother of Kim Jong-un as he waited to board a flight to Macau.

The defendants say they were duped into believing they were taking part in a prank for a reality TV show, and their lawyers blame North Korean agents for the assassination.

On Monday the judge, prosecutors and defence lawyers headed to the laboratory along with Raja. A member of Aisyah's legal team put on a lab coat, mask and gloves and entered a room to examine clothes, nail clippings and blood samples, said Aisyah's lawyer Gooi Soon Seng.

The trial was supposed to move back to Shah Alam High Court and resume in the afternoon. But it was postponed until Tuesday after Raja, who was due to be questioned by the defence, complained of feeling tired.

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