Most people who have double glazed windows and doors installed think that these cannot be repaired and they must be replaced once something awful went wrong with them. Well Logan Cooke Hat , it sure is better if you can replace them altogether for more solid and efficient use. But that would cost you money for another installation of windows. The truth is, they can be repaired and put them back in the same condition but that can be done by the professionals whose expertise is on home fixtures. This is why this topic will give you double glazing advice to point out some options and avoid further damage as well as expenses on repair.

Here are the tips to keep your double glazed doors and windows in good condition:
1. Do not apply thick oil on hinges of doors or windows where double glazings are installed. Oil can get into the crevices of the glazing and dirt can easily accumulate on these crevices. Dirt mixed with oil is extremely damaging to the sealant. In case grime has already developed on the crevices, use aerosol wax spray that contains silicone to flush the dirt out and at the same time seal the crevices. Even once a year, try to clean all the hinges and all other moving parts of the doors and windows and apply light oil to the door locks and windows hinges.

2. When cleaning the double glazing, do not use strong detergent soap for it can damage and degrade the seals or putty.

3. The use of generous spray of cream cleanser with warm water is most favorable in cleaning PVCu glazing. For the frames that are made of wood, avoid the use of abrasives but use soft cloth instead.

4. For doors with double glazing such as patio doors Ronnie Harrison Hat , cleaning is not a problem. A brush can be used in cleaning off the dried mud, dust and grit. Avoid lubricating the track of sliding doors and windows so that dirt will not accumulate in between the hinges.

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